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Pure Emu Oil 50ml

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Research and historic documentation of Australian Aborigines reveal that Emu Oil has been used to reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. It has a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic uses and is used by the elderly as well as athletes and for animal use. It is used for arthritic joints; sore, sprained and  damaged muscles and tendons.

Emu Oil is excellent as a NATURAL skin conditioner or everyday moisturiser and assists in the repair of dry or irritated skin. Safe and soothing for nappy rash on babies. Emu Oil is very effective for the treatment of inflamed skin disorders including bites, sunburn, burns, rashes, excema, psoriasis, cuts and other skin irritations.

Emu Oil crosses the human skin barrier very effectively.  It contains very high levels of omegas and is "SAFE enough to drink".  This product is TOTALLY NATURAL, with NO PRESERVATIVES or MINERAL OILS.  It contains 100% Pure Emu Oil.

Check the Testimonials for more like this:

"Emu oil was recommended to me by my Acupuncturist to help rebuild cartilage due to arthritis.  As a result of taking emu oil as well as helping with mobility of joints I discovered the flaking skin on my arms and legs was gone.  My GP even went as far as to say that I now have the skin of a 15 year old.  I am 71 so emu oil must have something good in it.” &

“I recently had a baby boy who was born 7 weeks premature.  When he was in the nursery he developed a rash on his bottom which was apparently an acidosis caused by his urine and faeces.  The hospital were applying a barrier cream to protect him but it was not taking the rash away.  My husband started applying pure emu oil at each nappy change and the rash was gone within two days.  We now use emu oil for any inflammation that he develops and so far there have been none that did not disappear within a day”.

It comes in a 100ml conical shaped glass bottle.  In cold weather (or temperatures below 25 degrees) Emu Oil sets hard, so the container may need to be inserted in hot water to reliquify the oil.

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