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Skin Care & Massage Skin Care Range & Lemon Scented Emu OIl

“The most beautiful, (and healthy) skin treatment of all. No other skin care products are as close to your own skin and your natural body oils as emu oil. As a cosmetic, it alone has the identical fatty acids that your own body has. That’s why it is so easily absorbed and why your skin feels softer, smoother and so well toned after its use. It is also anti-inflammatory – something indigenous Australians have known since time immemorial, and which is now thoroughly born out by western medical evidence. At Healthy Life we are totally delighted with the Tjuringa range of skin care products and the favourable comments many customers have made about them. Perhaps it’s not surprising when you see how well regarded emu oil is from a medical point of view. By the way, Tjuringa lemon Scented Emu Oil with Lemon Scented Myrtle is without doubt the loveliest massage oil I’ve ever experienced. Even after showering, the skin feels soft, supple and so smooth”

Candice, Maroochydore



“In August each year I attend a 10 day show in Brisbane demonstrating to people how safe emu oil is. Over the 10 day period I consumed 200 ml of Pure and Scented Emu Oil. Whether this was also helping with my general well being I am not sure, but it certainly did not cause any digestive health problems”

Peter Thompson, Maleny

“Emu oil was recommended to me by my Acupuncturist to help rebuild cartilage due to arthritis. As a result of taking emu oil as well as helping with mobility of joints I discovered the flaking skin on my arms and legs was gone. My GP even went as far as to say that I now have the skin of a 15 year old. I am 71 so emu oil must have something good in it.”

Stella Watt, Capalaba

“I recently bought a bottle of Emu Oil at the Royal Melbourne Show (forget who the merchant was). And I can testify that it really does work well. My daughter managed to impale her leg on a sharp spike, requiring stitches - but regular application of the emu oil led to rapid recovery, so complete that there was barely a mark left. It has also helped with things like tinea!”

William Wright.

“I recently had a baby boy who was born 7 weeks premature. When he was in the nursery he developed a rash on his bottom which was apparently an acidosis caused by his urine and faeces. The hospital were applying a barrier cream to protect him but it was not taking the rash away. My husband started applying pure emu oil at each nappy change and the rash was gone within two days. We now use emu oil for any inflammation that he develops and so far there have been none that did not disappear within a day”

Allyson Williams, Woody Point.

“I have three daughters and I have had emu oil in the medicine chest since they were babies. It is the best cure for nappy rash, sunburn , sore muscles and is a great massage oil.”

Robyn Goddard, Crows Nest

“My 5 month old son recently had a problem with cradle cap. Three days of treatment with emu oil and it was gone.”

Nicola Watt, Perth.



“I am a builder with a fair complexion and as you can imagine in the harsh Australian sun my skin gets very dry with blemishes that often turn in to sun spots. I started using the TJURINGA Lemon Scented Emu oil two years ago and within weeks the blemishes had gone. Now I use it all the time to keep my skin in good condition and to prevent the need to get sun spots burnt out.”

Andrew Fallon, Maleny.

“I recently had a bad blister on my back which became extremely itchy after the blister broke and I suspect that this was because it was becoming infected. I was taking a teaspoon full a day of Scented Emu Oil for a bad back at the time and decided to apply the oil on the irritation. It was fantastic and I now have no itch and no sore back.”

Mal MacIllich, Maleny.



“I have been running cattle on my property now for 40 years and my skin had become quite hard and dry. The TJURINGA Moisturiser cream, which I now use, has changed this and I suspect it has also contributed to the disappearance of sun spots on my arms.”

Jock Douglas, Roma



“I love the soft & smooth feeling my skin has after an application of your Night Cream. It appears to be rather greasy for a few minutes but this disappears and leaves your skin so.o.o soft and feeling “plump”. I put a jar in my daughters Christmas gifts and she also commented on how good she found it. She is a flight attendant and suffers from dry skin because of the altitude.”

Fay Miller, Thornlands.

“I discovered TJURINGA Night Cream at the Brisbane Exhibition in 2004. I have been using it since and can honestly say it is the best moisturiser I have purchased over the last 35 years. I have found the cream to be very effective in maintaining skin integrity. As well, it has an extremely pleasant aroma and is quite economical as only a small amount is necessary. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Linda Humphrey, Toowoomba.



“I was recently given a bottle of Tjuringa Eye Cream and I found it absolutely fabulous. It is the only eye cream I have ever used that truly reduces the puffiness. I have been using eye cream since the age 20 and I am now 56! During this period I have tried many from the expensive to the ridiculously cheap and Tjuringa is the absolute best of them all.”

Margaret Walsh, South Brisbane



“I met Peter at the Caboolture show and tried some Tea Tree Cream on my hands that were bleeding at that time with psoriasis. By the next day the bleeding had stopped and the amazing thing is that I have had psoriasis for years and nothing had worked before – it is wonderful”

Mick Lund, Burpengarry

“I have a real problem with Excema and the combination of Pure Emu Oil and Tea tree cream has been really effective at stopping the itchiness”

Emily Matthew, Mooloolabah.

“I would like to thank you for your Tea Tree Cream. I had eczema on my face and it was the only product I could use that helped sooth my skin & even eventually cleared my eczema. Thankyou. I totally recommend these products.”

Tammy Jackson, Woodridge.

“I had a very bad rash in the palm of my hands and the soles of my feet that would crack and bleed, for about 4 to 5 years. After years going to Specialists and Doctors& getting nowhere, being told there was nothing they could do for me.

I heard of Peter Thompson after he gave a talk at our Probus Club on emu oils. I decided to try his TJURINGA Tea Tree Cream. What a result! It has gone. After only 5 weeks, no sign of rash on my hands or feet. Thanks to emu products from the TJURINGA Skin Care Range.”

Kathleen Pukall, Nambour.

“I would like to acknowledge how wonderful your Tea Tree Cream is for sunburn. I use this product as a skin conditioner. However I recently got really badly sunburnt and I decided to apply some of the Tea Tree Cream to the burn. It was wonderful. It took away the irritation, the burning feeling and the redness disappeared.”

Allyson Williams, Woody Point.



“I recently sprained my ankle really badly. I was expecting this to put me out of action and confined to computer based activities. However I found by applying the Bushman’s Ointment twice daily, that I was able to continue walking around without the aid of a walking stick. Another surprising result was that no bruising appeared in the ankle.”

Jock Johnson, Chinchilla.

“.notice the writing. I am writing without any pain in my right hand and I have been using the Bushman’s Ointment between the thumb and forefinger.”

Wal Sinclair, Durack.

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