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Returns Policy

With the exception of the carved and painted emu eggs, it is our policy to replace any defective products.  In the event that this happens and a claim is made, please photo the defective product and email this as an attachment.  Assuming the claim is genuine a replacement product will be sent within two weeks of receipt of the claim and the photographic evidence of the defective product.

So far as the carved and painted emu eggs are concerned, we strongly recommend purchasers to collect from our premises.  Where the eggs have to be posted we package as carefully as we can to ensure that the eggs arive unbroken.  However we cannot take responsibility once the eggs are posted.


We can ship to virtually any address in the world and as far as we are aware there are no prohibitions on our skin care products.  However some countries may object to the importation of emu feathers and blown eggs.

Please also note that it is illegal to export live genetic emu material fom Australia, so the sale of whole eggs and live emus from anywhere in Australia is forbidden.

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