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Emu Oil

Natures Anti-Inflammatory & Moisturiser

Emu Oil has been used for centuries by Australian Aborigines as a natural, non-toxic remedy to alleviate the pain associated with sore and damaged muscles, arthritic joints, sunburn and other skin disorders including dry and damaged skin, sunburn and other burns, dermatitis, tinea and a whole host of inflammation based skin disorders.

Its properties include being a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals, a long chain of fatty acids plus anti-oxidants and other healing ingredients. Apart from being beneficial in its own right, emu oil has excellent penetrating qualities, making it an excellent moisturiser and a very effective carrier for essential oils.

In 1994 a paper outlining the benefits of emu oil was published by Dr J.R. Hobday of Western Australia. This paper outlines the doctor’s experiences with emu oil and provides a very comprehensive list of areas where emu oil has been effective in his experience:

“… From clinical experience with emu oil, it became obvious that its two major actions were its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to penetrate the skin. It also appears to offer some solar protection. How these actions occur and to what extent remains to be discovered.

Ten Years of Clinical Usage.

During this period my experience with emu oil has been entirely confined to use on the skin. After advising patients of its experimental nature I have prescribed emu oil for use in three main areas.

• Dry skin problems Treatment of muscle aches and pains

• Treatment of wounds, which had epithelialised.



Eczema sufferers often complain that moisturisers available on the market, such as glycerol 10% in Sorbolene, irritate their skin. I have found that emu oil, or creams made of emu oil, have often been of benefit and provide significant reduction of irritation and inflammation of the skin.


Massaging emu oil twice daily appears to significantly reduce keloid scarring and have an anti-inflammatory action against the formation of keloid tissue. It does not seem to reduce old keloid scarring.


Some reported benefits in this area


The benefit of emu oil on joints to reduce pain, swelling and stiffness is most evident where the joint is close to the skin surface, such as hands, feet, knees and elbows. Deep joints such as the hip do not appear to respond. Stiff joints, particularly as seen in hands, is one area where massaging emu oil is of considerable benefit. Whether this is due to its anti-inflammatory therefore pain reducing property or whether this due to another facet of the oil remains to be determined by research.

Bruising and Muscle Pain

Emu oil appears to provide significant benefit to recent bruising and muscle pain where the injury is relatively superficial. The treatment being the massage and compress combination previously described. Similarly, sports related muscle strains have been significantly reduced with a post-exercise emu oil massage. Some trainers and masseurs are using this in preference to other oils, again indicating a superior anti-inflammatory action over commonly used embrocations.

Recent Wounds

Emu oil applied to epithelialised wounds appears to reduce scar tissue formation. Also the anti inflammatory action seems to soothe wounds after surgery. This has been very evident in coronary artery bypass graft operations where the greatest discomfort often comes from the leg from which the vein has been removed. In my experience massaging emu oil onto this area two or three times per day has significantly speeded up the healing process and reduce scarring.

As the emu oil used is sterile there is no concern with using it on any open area. I have encountered no ill effects from using emu oil on open areas such as a partially healed wound or abrasion.


The use of emu cream or oil immediately in early blistering appears to hold great promise. Although trials have been limited it seems to promote faster healing with less pain and scarring.

Donor Sites in Skin Grafting

I have found that the donor site after skin grafting benefits from the application of the oil, which appears to reduce pain and promote a less scarred heal.”


TJURINGA Emu Products

Peter Thompson started farming emus in 1993 in Queensland on the Western Darling Downs at Chinchilla.  The farming operation relocated to Maleny in 1999 and is where the business is based today.  The marketing arm TJURINGA Emu Products was established in 1996.

TJURINGA Emu Products has 2 registered labels ie TJURINGA & Aussensuals. The products are the same in both labels except for the TJURINGA Scented Emu Oil (which contains Lemon Myrtle as the extra ingredient) and the Aussensuals Scented Emu Oil (which contains a Poisson type perfumed fragrance).

Skin Care Products

It is these benefits which TJURINGA has built on with their 100% totally NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE and MINERAL OIL FREE Skin Care Range. (The emu and essential oils used contain their own natural preservatives.)

This range is an alternative to mineral oil based skin care products as well as being uniquely Australian. All of the pure emu oil used in this range is obtained from Queensland Government licensed emu farms.

Our TJURINGA and Aussensuals SKIN CARE Ranges were developed following a need for an Australian natural skin care range. This has been produced by combining a select range of pure essential oils, with emu oil. These products have anti-inflammatory, moisturising and beautifying properties and some will assist with the relief of minor skin irritations including dry skin.

The products have cell-rejuvenating and many other beautifying properties. Some of the products can also be effective for the treatment of minor skin irritations and complaints. This range is a totally natural alternative to products containing petrochemical oils and is uniquely Australian.

Because emu oil is safe enough to eat, it has a distinct advantage over other petroleum oils and as such has enabled us to produce a skin care range, which is totally safe. Our Cosmetics were developed following a need for a uniquely Australian natural skin care range. This has been produced by combining a select range of pure organic oils and essential oils, with emu oil. The products produced contain NO petro-chemical oils and are preservative free because the emu oil and the essential oils used contain their own natural preservatives. The benefits obtained from the essential oils that we use are outlined as follows:

Essential Oils

Rose Geranium Oil - is very useful in many medical conditions, being a very effective treatment for throat infections, menopausal problems and blood disorders. It works well as a sedative and its antiseptic, anti-fungal properties contribute to its overall usefulness. Geranium brings a radiant glow when used in skin care because of its ability to balance the skins sebum.

Lavender Oil - works in many ways. It is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic & anti-depressant. Lavender is very effective in treating burns and scalds. It has the ability to stimulate the immune system, acting as a detoxifier encouraging healing and preventing scarring.

Tea Tree Oil - Australian Aborigines have used tea tree oil in their medications for centuries. It is highly valued for it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is useful for soothing rashes, sunburn, acne and insect bites.

Peppermint Oil - has been used by many ancient cultures because of it’s health promoting properties. It helps the respiratory system and aids circulation, making it useful for the treatment of indigestion, headaches, varicose veins, skin irritations and fatigue.

Backhousia Citriodora Oil (Lemon Scented Myrtle) - This oil comes from the foliage of the rare Australian rain forest tree. It can be effective in relieving tension headaches, chest congestion and as an aid to relaxation. (It is reputed to also contain aphrodisiac properties).

Melaleuca Quinquenervia - Known as the other Tea Tree oil, used by the Aborigines to relieve problems such as coughs, colds, sore muscles and joints.

Product Description

The Products are classified under two headings as Cosmetic (“C”) or Anti-inflammatory (“A”) and some products occur in both areas (“A&C”) . Brief details on each product are provided below. However for more information from users please visit the “Testimonials” page.

Pure Emu Oil (“A&C”) – Research and historic documentation of Australian Aboriginal use of Emu Oil indicate that it may be helpful in reducing pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. It is also excellent as a natural skin conditioner or everyday moisturiser and may assist in the repair of dry or irritated skin. Contains 100% pure emu oil.

Scented Emu Oil (“A&C”) – Research and historic documentation of Australian Aboriginal use of Emu Oil indicate that it may be helpful in reducing pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. It is also excellent as a natural skin conditioner or everyday moisturiser and may assist in the repair of dry or irritated skin. Contains 99% Emu Oil and the essential oil of Lemon Myrtle, to provide a pleasant, natural Australian scent.

Moisturiser (“A&C”) - Gives the skin a radiant glow and protects it throughout the day. Contains 46% Emu Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Beeswax and the essential oil of Lavender.

Night Cream (“C”) - A luxurious cream, which replenishes lost moisture, maintaining skin balance and vitality. Contains 24% Emu Oil, Soya Oil Beeswax and the essential oils of Rose Geranium and Lavender.

Eye Cream (“C”) -A luxurious cream, which replenishes lost moisture, enabling the skin to maintain its balance and vitality. Contains 32% Emu Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Coco Butter and the essential oils of Rose Geranium and Lavender.

Hand and Foot Cream (“A”) - Beneficial for tired or aching feet as well as moisturising hands leaving them soft and silky smooth. Contains 28% Emu Oil, Soya Oil, Beeswax and essential oils of Rose Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint.

Tea Tree Cream (“A&C”) – A moisturising cream, which can be helpful to people with unhealthy or dry skin.  Contains 28% Emu Oil, Soya Oil, Beeswax and the essential oils of Rose geranium, Lavender and Tea Tree.

Bushmans Ointment (“A”) – May provide soothing relief for sore muscles and aching joints in some situations. Contains 39% Emu Oil, Soya Oil, Beeswax and the essential oils of Rose Geranium, Lavender, French Lavender and Melaleuca Quinquenervia.

Lip Balm (“A&C”) - Will protect and nourish dry and chapped lips. Contains 29% Emu Oil, Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, Beeswax and the essential oil of Rose Geranium.

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