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Emus are a native Australian bird, although emus and emu products are produced in many other countries in the world.  However our range is 100% Australian made with all of the pure emu oil used coming from Australian Government licensed emu farms.

Since the days of the Aboriginal Dreamtime the emu has provided food, clothing and oil for the Australian indigenous people. Farming of emus was started by the aboriginal communities in Western Australia in 1970 and in Queensland in 1990.

Emus (unlike kangaroos) cannot be “harvested from the wild” so native emu populations are not endangered.  Also emus are farmed in many other countries in the world, whereas kangaroo products are only supplied from Australian wild kangaroos.

And don’t confuse emus with ostriches. Both are from the family of large flightless birds or ratites but ostriches are farmed for their leather and originated in Africa. Emus evolved in Australia and are farmed for the oil, which is a NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and SKIN CONDITIONER.

“Australian Farmed emus produce genuinely Australian products, which are more in harmony with nature than those produced from traditional introduced European farmed species. At Maleny all of these introduced species, as well as horses and dogs have to be treated for parasites including ticks, worms and paralysis ticks. The emus are resistant to these parasites and don’t need to be treated for these pests.

Another very important aspect in the farming of the emus is that there is no background exposure to antibiotics, hormones and other growth promotants. There is also no use of weedicides or fertilisers in the paddocks that contain the birds. This means that the fat that is produced from the birds is guaranteed to be “SAFE ENOUGH to EAT”. This fact is endorsed by one of the TJURINGA products customers who states as follows:

Candice, Maroochydore.

“The most beautiful, (and healthy) skin treatment of all.  No other skin care products are as close to your own skin and your natural body oils as emu oil.  As a cosmetic, it alone has the identical fatty acids that your own body has.  That’s why it is so easily absorbed and why your skin feels softer, smoother and so well toned after its use.  It is also anti-inflammatory – something indigenous Australians have known since time immemorial, and which is now thoroughly born out by western medical evidence.”

My Emu origami Experiment. [movie link]

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